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from the staffroom to the classroom ...

Our bespoke educational packages include:

  • SMSC – What is really important to your school?

  • SIAMS – What IS our distinct Christian nature and how does it underpin all that we do?

  • So, what are our values and why are they important to us?

  • Developing pupils’ metacognition and self-regulation – the ‘I CAN’ workshop

  • Developing a culture of Growth Mind-set

  • Encouraging self-reflection – the ‘Myself as a learner’ workshop

  • Energising your team – the ‘Why we do this’ workshop

  • Developing resilience and ‘bouncebackability’ – the ‘FAILure – first step in learning’ workshop

  • British Values – what do they really mean to our school?

  • Bullying: Stand up, Speak out

  • Creative curriculum enrichment projects linked to other cultures, faith, music, literature, art …

  • Post inspection reflection – where do we go next?

  • Transition events, including transition into a boarding environment

  • Sensory projects for Special Schools

Case Studies: Education

Connect 2 Colour’s ‘I CAN’ Workshop

The ‘I CAN pupil workshop uses growth mindset as its key focus with the Connect 2 Colour process built around it.

The process engages pupils from the outset and offers a magical way to challenge assumptions, strengthen self-esteem and bring out the best in every child. Our team facilitate the workshops by fostering communication, connection and creativity using innovative techniques. The powerful impact of this work is captured forever in colour.

Rarely has there been a learning experience that offers a true level playing field for every single pupil. With a blank canvas before them, the pupils engage and progress through collaborative working and discovering unknown talents - together.

See what Andrew Cowell, Head teacher of Bishopsgate School, Surrey has to say abut his pupils' experience...

Click here for our 'I CAN' workshop overview

Connect 2 Colour's Transition Workshops

Our transition workshops are tailored to support your pupils through the changes ahead of them ... be they the challenges faced when starting a new school or the adventures of becoming a boarder for the first time.  Our team understands what it is like for young people moving from one stage of their education to the next and used their unique art techniques to initiate discussion and sharing, supporting your pupils to discover their unique strengths - together.

Caroline Lock, Deputy Headteacher of Holy Trinity C.E (A) School, Marlow explains more ...

Connect 2 Colour's specialist curriculum events - Celebrating British Values

As trained teachers, our facilitators are able to design workshops to support your creative curriculum objectives.  Connect 2 Colour has delivered a variety of curriculum based programmes and is always excited about the opportunity for developing more!

Looking for a way of bringing 'British Values' alive for your pupils?  Watch how 120 pupils from Peters Hill Primary School, Birmingham, collaborate to connect with their view of British Values …

Click here for our 'British Values' workshop overview

Connect 2 Colour's bespoke INSET packages

How much time to you invest in developing your team’s ‘soft skills’.  Widely acknowledged in the corporate world as vital to ensuring a successful team-led approach,  our innovative INSET workshops are proven to develop your team's vital ‘soft skills’ and will enable them to understand their own and each other’s ‘Big 5’ personality traits:  Will, Energy, Affection, Control and Emotionality.

Watch as the entire staff team from The Abbey Junior School, Reading connect with their values ...

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Connect 2 Colour Sensory Art Workshops for Special Schools/support services

With our expertise in Special Education and experience of working with children and young people with a range of specialist needs, our workshops can be tailored to ensure that everyone can participate and succeed at their level of engagement ... together.


Testimonials: Education

The process of creating inspirational pieces of 3D art, truly understanding each other,  being supportive and supporting; in addition to sharing goals and aspirations, can be a life-changing experience for both pupils and teaching staff ... your classroom will never be the same again.


“ The pupils really enjoyed their art session, and as well as producing beautiful pieces of work they were able to develop their teamwork skills and think about self-belief and aspiration. ”
Jen Gamble - Head Teacher Ash Hill Primary School, Wycombe

“ It’s brilliant, both the staff and the pupils got so much out of it ’’
Alison Lawes - Head Teacher Lee Common School

“ I wanted to thank you, the girls loved it and it was just what they needed ”
Jane Ambrose -  Deputy Head Teacher St Mary’s School

“ What a great day, everyone took part and we had such a lovely display of the children’s paintings to show parents ”
Alison Whittall – Head Teacher Hyde Heath School, Amersham              

" What a fantastic INSET - the Connect 2 Colour team help us to celebrate our success of coming out of special measures and focused us on our next school priorities.  The beautiful canvases reflecting our new school values hang in our re-vamped hall as a permanent reminder of our journey and a celebration of what makes Little Marlow School special."  
C Lock - Interim Headteacher, Little Marlow CE School, Marlow

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