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Connecting Education, improving CHATS

Empowerment for all




Is your team in need of a re-energise or re-connection to your values and mission statement?

Are you keen to develop a culture of Growth Mindset and resilience for all within your school?

Looking for ways of developing essential communication and ‘soft’ skills for all your pupils?


Connect 2 colour’s bespoke Education packages will bring together your stakeholders through its innovative and creative approach to improving connection and communication.  Starting from a level playing field, we use colour and unique art techniques to deliver your curriculum – all without a paintbrush or need for ‘artistic’ flair!  Workshops can be staff-centred, pupil-centred, Governor-centred or follow a whole-school integrated approach. We can work with individuals, groups, classes or even whole cohorts and whole school staff teams.


We can tailor our work to support the delivery of specialist creative-curriculum weeks or to support you with the delivery of specific curriculum objectives focusing on issues such as Bullying, British Values and Transition or to work with vulnerable groups to develop their CHATS and help your pupils to achieve improved outcomes.  Connect 2 Colour is passionate about building children’s resilience and enabling them to develop ‘bouncebackability’.  Our workshops aim to develop your pupils understanding of themselves as a learner and empower them to develop a pro-active and robust approach to their own development – leading to improved outcomes and healthier mental health.  Connect 2 Colour have worked with children from a wide-variety of backgrounds, those who have suffered bereavement or similar and pupils who find school a stressful or demotivating climate.  Our approaches are based on 20 years of direct classroom experience and an understanding that all children, regardless of race, gender, affluence or ability deserve the best possible life chances.


All packages in our Education sector are delivered by fully-qualified teachers who have significance leadership experience in special and mainstream schools. 


Every Connect 2 Colour workshop is unique to your school’s needs and will be developed in partnership with you to ensure that your development plan and INSET aims are met.  We will even support you in measuring impact and reporting to your stakeholders.  

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Funding, Ofsted/SIAMS and Impact Reports

As our workshops are tailored to meet the aims of your school development plan and can be designed to meet the current needs of specific groups of children, they can be funded through your Pupil Premium grant, curriculum or INSET budget.  As trained educators, Connect 2 Colour understands the importance of measuring the impact of all workshops and will work closely with you to conduct pre and post questionnaires which will then be used to create an impact report for you to share with your stakeholders and as part of your statutory and Governor reporting requirements.  As part of our package, all schools will receive photographic evidence of the workshops they participated in and a video record of your workshop which can be used to celebrate and share your experience.  


Another way to fund your experience is to connect to a business important to your local community.  Connect 2 Colour is keen to support local enterprise to initiate social responsibility projects and can advise on making such connections and integrate your community into our program helping your pupils experience a wider vision of the ‘world of work'.


Every workshop results in a permanent and impressive reminder of your journey together as your team connects and collaborates to produce an original 3D masterpiece – your unique learning journey can therefore be celebrated by all stakeholders – including any visitors from Ofsted and SIAMS and, most importantly, your pupils.

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PTA Fund Raising

Looking for a fun way to raise money for your school?  Why not book us to run a Connect 2 Colour fund raising event for your PTA, a unique and fun way of raising money and providing an opportunity for your parental body to connect.