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Connecting Business, Improving CHATS

Connecting and collaborating better



Bored of mundane team building and corporate workshop activities?

Are you in the process of managing a cultural change or a structural reorganisation?

Want to energise your team, strengthen communications and develop a deep understanding of your values?


Connect 2 Colour’s bespoke business packages will bring your organisation and aims together through its innovative and creative approach to improving connection and communication through CHATS.  Starting from a level playing field, we use colour and unique collaborative art techniques to raise self-esteem, confidence and harmony in your working environment – all without a paintbrush or need for ‘artistic’ flair! 

Our innovative workshops are proven to develop your employees vital ‘soft skills’ and will enable them to understand their own and each other’s ‘Big 5’ personality traits:  Will, Energy, Affection, Control and Emotionality.

Every Connect 2 Colour workshop is unique to your company’s needs and will be developed in partnership with you to ensure that your business development aims are met.  We can provide the following packages and more:

  • Integration of new employees
  • Leadership development at all levels
  • Developing a culture of shared accountability
  • Energising teams following change
  • Why soft skills matter
  • Developing a culture of Growth Mind-set
  • Managing stress and workplace conflict
  • Engaging your customers and stakeholders
  • Innovative CSR
Passionate about people, Connect 2 Colour can also offer you Facet5 personality profiling tools which will provide individuals and organisations greater insight into their preferences, natural style, motivations and patterns of bahaviour resulting in a more self-aware and motivated team whose collaborative prowess is enhanced.  In short, a team which truly connects with each other, your stakeholders and your organisations' goals and values.


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Need an innovative CSR programme?

Connect 2 Colour prides itself on its innovative work with a range of charities, hospices and schools, both locally and nationally.  We are experienced at providing our corporate clients the opportunity to 'give back' to their local community with exciting, fulfilling and innovative CSR packages which can incorporate your team in the delivery.

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Our Corporate Clients include: