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Our Story

The Connect 2 Colour approach is focused on improving CHATS:


It promotes a culture of growth mindset, develops essential 'soft skills' and it shouts ‘I CAN’ 

Connect 2 Colour works across all educational settings, with businesses and charities and in the family home, ensuring that every person we encounter has the opportunity to be heard and learn new skills. The process has the ability to inspire, motivate, rejuvenate and celebrate.

Connect 2 Colour is based in High Wyombe, Buckinghamshire and works across the UK.


Connect 2 Colour was founded by Sally Webb after 20 years of experience working with and teaching children with special needs. 

“My experience in developing creativity and communication with special needs children, gave me the confidence to bring this skill to more people. Creativity can be undervalued within our society, adults and children often don't value it in themselves. The immediate connection with colour and paint blows away the cobwebs of everyday living and our workshops allow people to rediscover a sense of vitality, creativity and fun.”
Sally Webb, Founder

Sally Webb, Founder

Sally Webb is Connect 2 Colour’s Founder. She graduated from the University of Birmingham with a BPhil in Special Educational Needs (SEN); Specialising in children with autism and communication difficulties before undertaking the Graduate Teaching Programme with the University of Reading.

Sally's younger brother Simon is autistic and has severe learning difficulties and her daughter has communication difficulties. Drawing from her personal experience, Sally became a specialist teacher for children with autism - her passion is communication and connection.

Sally understands the importance of being ‘heard’ and finding a ‘voice’ and from this developed the Connect 2 Colour process as a means of expression, communication and connection.

The success of the technique has now developed to provide unique 3D art workshops and training programmes for corporates, schools and families; giving everyone the opportunity to explore creative multi-level engagement.

Sally is SEN Associate for The Independent Education Consultants

Caroline Lock, Education

With 18 years’ experience in mainstream teaching in a variety of different settings from EYFS to Year 6, Caroline has recently joined the team as our Education Specialist.  As a former Head teacher, Caroline is able to bring her passion for creating a culture of Growth Mind-set alive through our unique workshops.  Graduating first from the University of Bristol with a LLB (Hons) in Law and then from the University of the West of England with a P.G.C.E. (Teaching), Caroline has taught children with a wide-range of emotional and academic needs including those with specialist support provision and has supported children and their families with SEN as a SENCO.  Having survived, successfully, the challenge of leading a school through its journey from ‘Special Measures’ to ‘Good’ and through a process of Federation, Caroline also believes in the importance of investing in your staffing team (including your Governing Body), aiding them to develop a greater connection with each other through the development of their ‘soft skills’, especially in this climate of educational change.

With experience in developing engaging and creative curriculums,  Caroline is able to bespoke our educational packages to ensure that your school development aims are met – mindful of the needs of all the pupils in your setting.  She understands the importance of measuring the impact of all workshops and will work closely with you to create an impact report for you to share with your stakeholders.

Mother of two,  Caroline also has personal experience of the emotional challenges faced by families of children with SEN and/or medical needs and wishes she had been able to ‘vent’ her frustrations through a Connect 2 Colour workshop during another week-long visit to the children’s hospital!

What we do, How we do it

" The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” 
  George Bernard Shaw

The Connect 2 Colour experience is an innovative place where both adults and children can experience open communication through creativity. Everyone can learn and develop their skills through the use of colour and creative construction of beautiful abstract 3D art.

Whether it is a school workshop, teambuilding day or corporate event, Connect 2 Colour is here to inspire you to develop your CHATS and bring people together through your own creativity.

Our positive delivery methods are based on the ‘I CAN’ attitude:

  • I CAN be heard
  • I CAN value myself
  • I CAN meet new challenges
  • I CAN improve my team and business
  • I CAN reach my potential