Connect 2 Colour Logocome and paint with us...

Connecting, Collaborating, Improving CHATS

A new approach to teambuilding

Let us take your organisation, school, community enterprise or family on a creative voyage to improve your CHATS:




Through its innovative and creative approach to improving connection and communication, Connect 2 Colour enables you to energise your personnel, integrate your teams, strengthen communication, manage effective change, foster leadership at all levels, identify and resolve conflicts, nurture your employees vital ‘soft skills’ and develop a deep understanding of your core values. 


Connect 2 Colour’s creative solutions bring people together – in the boardroom, office, staffroom, classroom, family home or community venue – enabling individuals of all ages to view themselves and each other in clarity for the first time.  Starting from a level playing field, we use colour and unique collaborative art techniques to raise self-esteem, confidence and harmony in your working environment – all without a paintbrush or need for ‘artistic’ flair! 

Each bespoke package ensures that your organisation’s CHATS are developed in harmony with your development plan and results in a permanent and impressive reminder of your journey together as your team connects and collaborates to produce an original 3D masterpiece – a beautiful discussion focus when displayed for all stakeholders to admire.

It’s brilliant, both the staff and the pupils got so much out of it ’’ A. Lawes, Head Teacher, Lee Common School 


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